Gabon official websites hacked by Anonymous

AFP reports:

The Anonymous hackers collective on Sunday claimed it hacked into more than 70 Gabon government websites, as part of what it called a campaign against dictatorships.

Government sites including the ministries of communications and the civil service were inaccessible on Sunday, as were the websites of at least 30 other institutions.

The presidency website continued to function as normal.

Read more on Journal du Cameroun.

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  1. Catalin Cimpanu - October 28, 2018

    Just DDoSed this weekend. Lasted 6 hours. Some were defaced last weekend, but not many.

    • Dissent - October 29, 2018

      Thanks, Catalin. Given my background, I’m always curious about the why of a self-proclaimed hacktivist action. And is Anonymous trying to get a resurgence in their organization through such actions? Peculiar times we live in…..

      • Catalin Cimpanu - October 29, 2018

        The account behind that campaign has been active quite a while now. Check @OpGabon for a history of their hacks. The attack over this past weekend was an LDAP amplication DDoS, something you can buy on any DDoS booter. It was synced to coincide with some elections that have been happening locally.

        • Dissent - October 29, 2018

          Thanks for the additional info!

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