GAO: DoD loses track of 72,000 combat medical records

Judi Hasson reports:

There are so many data breaches throughout government these days that it’s getting tiresome. The question is why do they keep happening? Last week, the Government Accountability Office disclosed another one–this time from the Defense Department.

The GAO revealed that DoD could not account for more than 72,000 health questionnaires that were to have been completed by troops following their service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The discovery “suggests either that not all of these service members filled out the questionnaire or that questionnaires were filled out, but were not incorporated into Defense’s central repository,” wrote Randall Williamson, the GAO’s director of health care in a report to Congress.

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GAO Report: DEFENSE HEALTH CARE: Post-Deployment Health Reassessment Documentation Needs Improvement (pdf)

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