Oct 032011

Aliya Sternstein reports:

Reports of network security incidents at federal agencies have soared 650 percent during the past half-decade, jeopardizing the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive government information, federal auditors charged in a congressionally mandated report.

The most prevalent types of cyber events included infections from malicious code — 30 percent of incidents; violations of acceptable use policies; and intrusions into networks, applications and other data resources, states a Government Accountability Office report released on Monday.

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  One Response to “GAO: Federal network security breaches spike 650 percent”

  1. Commmom, this is the government. Its pathetic to sit there and accept this. THEN they go out and fine the heck out of companies that do the same thing. I say fire the people in charge and find simple way to keep intruders out. Its simple really, but they REFUSE to do it. They should lock down the internet access to government computers and have a cluster of web facing servers that show the minimum information.

    Obviously network C&A is just a punch ticket, and whatever the papers say it must be true. People get complacent, sit back and take the checks each month and leave the resposibility, due care and due diligence at the front door.

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