Gas station hack dropped petrol prices, $3.61 to 2 cents per gallon

Well this has got to be one of a kind type of hacks, that is if it is indeed a hack.Gahanna police are reporting that between 21st and 22nd Dec 2011 some one hacked a gas station and dropped the fuel to 2cents per gallon. Reports from the Gahanna police state that, A customer at the station reported the price per gallon had been changed at one pump from $3.61 to 2 cents per gallon. The manager said the person who changed the price must have used a key to open the cabinet that contains the pump and used a computer or other device to enter the system inside and change the price. And sadly they are reporting that there was no camera’s on the pump so they have no suspects at all, fairly stupid if you ask me. Source

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