Gateway Community College also reported breach

So while I was looking for information on the Three Rivers Community College report, I stumbled across another incident handled by The page is no longer available except in Google’s cache:

During a recent security review of the computers at Gateway Community College, it was discovered that certain personal information associated with a number of individuals was potentially exposed to unauthorized access due to a malware infection. If you were impacted by this incident, Gateway President Dorsey Kendrick attempted to contact you by letter dated December 7, 2009. If you did not receive this letter, you were probably not impacted. However if you were a college alumnus who was a donor, or a potential donor to the college, or a student receiving a scholarship in 2004-2006, you may call CSIdentity’s Customer Care Center at 1-877-274-1443 to ensure that you were not one of the few potentially impacted individuals who we were unable to reach by letter.

Like Three Rivers, Gateway is also in Connecticut.

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