Georgia Tech says data breach exposed info of 1.3 million people Updated: Apr 2, 2019 – 12:21 PM

WSB-TV reports:

Georgia Tech says more than a million people’s personal information may have been exposed after someone gained “unauthorized access” to a web application.

Officials said the breach impacts 1.3 million people, including “some current and former faculty, students, staff and student applicants.” They do not know what information was taken from the system, but it may include names, addresses, Social Security numbers and birth dates.

It’s a massive number considering the school’s current enrollment is just under 27,000 students plus faculty.

Read more on WSB.  And keep in mind that this is not Georgia Tech’s first breach.  If you search this site for “Georgia Tech,” you’ll find  a number of other incidents that have been noted on this site — and those are only the ones that I know about.  There could be more, and probably are more.

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