Hacked, Thousands of Personal details and credit cards leaked

getondownlogo Anonymous hacktivist have taken sights to a music news, information site that pushes for music not to be free online. The attack has been announced on twitter and the target is GetOndown (

We are a collective of music nerds, audiophiles, archivists, old hip hop heads, and creative types who are working toward the common goal of purveying quality and timeless product for the betterment of all mankind.

The leaked data has been posted to and contains a huge list of personal information from all the users within the sites database as well as the short message below.

We have Dumped your users profiles and personal information to protest the fact that you go out of your way to to make sure music is not free online! This Is an old Op but we feel the need to bring it back

The type of information is names, address, payment information, address and sadly credit card information right along side the rest of the data all unencrypted. If you are a user of this site it is very important that you voice your anger at the administration otherwise incidents like this will just continue to happen. Also if you are a user of this site consider updating and changing all possible information to prevent any further damage being done. Another note is that Getondown claims that the creditcard payment system is 100% secure "Feel comfortable using your credit card with us since it is 100% safe using our secure order form!" which clear it is not.

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