GhostShell, On the Record – If You Knew Then What You Know Now….

This post is part of an extended interview conducted by and with the hacker formerly known as “GhostShell.”

We asked GhostShell to look back and tell us if he would do anything differently. Here was part of his answer:

if I could invent the time machine I would go back, never join Anonymous, instead wire a few millions into an offshore account and move to Russia. That I just wasted around half a decade of my life, making random corporations and individuals a lot of money through their abuse of fearmongering and other facets, when I could’ve been chilling in St. Petersburg with hot russian chicks. That’s what I learned.

I have more experience now about everything and I’m pretty sure after all these years of working at the computer day and night I’ve developed way more sociopathic tendencies than I should have.

How would I summarise what I’ve learned? Something along the lines of: “Young man that tried to change the world through his over the top protests only to realise it’s probably faster to change something from the inside of the industry only to find out that it will most likely never happen since cybersecurity is a corrupt, overly sensationalised with an overblown inflated market full of nepotism and idiocracy where if you don’t know the right people you’re never getting in.” Sucks to be me I guess.

When it’s the middle of the night and you realise you’ve just been attacking and mapping entire cyber continents the only thought left in your head is “Who even cares anymore?”.

It’s all redundant. Nothing’s gonna change. The networks are all vulnerable and they’re gonna stay that way for a long time because governments still need a way to spy on you, I mean keep you safe. That’s what I meant. They’re keeping us safe.

Cybersecurity is about patching and protecting the networks but at the same time no one is allowed to do that. So the whole thing is stuck in a deadlock. Woopy!

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