GhostShell, On the Record – The Extended Interview

“When it’s the middle of the night and you realise you’ve just been attacking and mapping entire cyber continents the only thought left in your head is “Who even cares anymore?”

— Razvan Eugen Gheorghe, formerly known as “GhostShell”

"WhiteFox" logo of Team GhostShell. Art by "Fisheye Placebo"
“WhiteFox” logo of Team GhostShell. Art by “Fisheye Placebo”

Over the past two weeks, and had the opportunity to explore a number of topics with the hacker formerly known as “GhostShell,” who has now doxed himself as Razvan Eugen Gheorghe, a 24-year old resident of Bucharest.

Our email exchanges gave us some insights into Gheorghe’s approach to hacking, the importance of psychological factors in hacking, and why he was taking the extraordinary step of doxing himself. The interviews represent his recollections and perspective. No attempt was made to verify or contact others to get what might be alternative versions.

Because the interview covered so much ground, we are not including everything, but are organizing his answers to our questions in a series of posts. The words and the typing are his. In some cases, when a topic was discussed on more than one occasion, we have occasionally combined the relevant material into a single post.

Although we have some skepticism about this job strategy, we  hope that by doxing himself and telling his story, Gheorghe moves closer to accomplishing his goal of working in the cybersecurity industry, and we thank him for sharing his thoughts and insights with us.

Here are the topics, each in a separate post


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  1. The Fuzz - March 17, 2016

    I don’t know if this is appropriate or just plain stupid, but here goes…

    I saw this story earlier:

    Carleton professor fights cyberattacks from Orléans

    For some reason I thought of that GhostShell kid who is only something like 21. Sorry, young person… not kid.

    If the guy is serious, and if he thinks he has skills to contribute maybe he should give some thought to making a combo career-academic move? Hell, why not contact this Prof (or similar) who is trying to realize his dream in penetration testing (and more) by contract and by Uni funding and get an education at the same time?

    Contact the Prof, see if anything exists, work out the details of moving and applying to that program.

    I think this would be a more rewarding move for someone of such a young age. They’re hiring… And from the looks of it, the office the prof got is also doubling as a bedroom, so he has a place to live while working where his passion lays while studying! 😉

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