GhostShell Returns with a New Hacking Concept – Dark Hacktivism

Ionut Ilascu writes:

Breaking into the systems of an organization and accessing files without authorization is regarded as trespassing. The motivation behind this act can be anything from financial gain to proving one’s skills among fellow hackers.

No matter the reasons, the success of such an action is most of the times due to lack of proper security measures.

Whitehats also resort to this method for evaluating the resilience of a company’s infrastructure against all sorts of attacks, as part of a process called penetration testing.

GhostShell, a hacker known for targeting entities from different sectors (government, law enforcement, companies) in the past, took a break in 2013 but decided to return in the spotlight this year on June 28, specifically to draw attention to the current state of insecurity many entities, and that blackhats can cause a lot of damage.

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