GhostShell, the morning after

So after yesterday’s story about GhostShell doxing himself publicly through his interviews with us (which he then shared a bit of with other news outlets), I asked GhostShell this morning how he was doing and feeling. He answered with this:

This is definitely a unique experience for me. A bit scary but at the same time I know what I’m doing is the right thing. I hope this acts like a precedent to the constant cat and mouse game that hackers have had with the feds and watching this entire situation unfold could lead to a new way of breaking legally into the industry without all the general paranoia, drama and backstabbing that goes on behind the scene.

It may seem crazy and it probably is but I’d rather do this than get entrapped at some point and have the feds dictate the narrative of my life. How many times have we seen hacktivists and hackers alike be labelled as something so ridiculous that most people actually believe? Look up every case against a notorious hacktivist and almost every time the feds will accuse them of so many things without any proof and the charges magically drop by the end of their legal battle but by then no one even cares since their image has already been destroyed.

I want to work in the industry as an equal, not a former “cyber-terrorist” or the FBI’s hacker poster child.

Stay tuned for his other thoughts on Anonymous, the scene, and much more in our extended interview with him, to be released soon.

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