Glade County Florida Sheriff’s Department Hacked & Data Leaked By @k0detec

Glade County Florida Sheriff’s Department has become the latest police department to be attacked by anonymous hackers. As a result of the attack a leak of minor data has found its way to pastehtml. The leak comes from twitter account @k0detec and the data leak contains admin logins for the departments website which at time of publishing appeared to be offline.

Ahoy maties, we proud few on the good ship k0detec return with more enemy booty in our coffers, but it doesn’t end here, there is much more chain shot in the ol’ brass monkey! Remember, Dead Men Tell No Tales.

In the leak release file they also make one interesting point about some of the emails that are being used for the site.

Oh Hai Glade County Florida Sheriff’s Department. Your security sucks and your usernames and passwords make referance to sodomy. –>> [email protected]       | Summer     | Odom      | sodomize  | sodom <<– We would say you guys are not smarter than the average pigs, but possible a little more sexually adventurous?

Anyways the leak contains about 10 admin accounts with clear text passwords.

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