‘Glitch’ publishes private info of more than 100 Oakland Community College students

Diana Dillaber Murray reports that a “computer glitch” is being blamed for students’ information being exposed on the Internet:

Oakland Community College is investigating how personal information of more than 100 students in connection with student loans became available on the college website.

The information has been removed from the website and OCC officials are working with search engines to remove the information that was already stored on Google, said George Cartsonis, OCC spokesman.


Personal information such as social security numbers and addresses of 129 students went on the college website last Friday afternoon.

The information was removed from the college website as of 10 a.m. Monday, after one of the affected students notified OCC of the issue.

Read more on Oakland Press. It’s not clear to me that the data really first “went on the college website” on Friday. That just may be when it was noticed.

I wonder how they’re going to discipline “glitch” for this….

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