GlobalCerts hacked, data leaked by #Anonymous

A high profile information security company has been hacked and had a large amount of data leaked via pastebin. GlobalCerts specializes in data and information security but it would appear they do not practice what they sell with their websites database being hacked and well over 1000 clients details now leaked.

GlobalCerts provides a comprehensive solution that meets a full range of secure messaging needs—including an automatic, transparent, inter-organizational secure messaging product, the SecureMail Gateway. GlobalCerts also offers a trusted, scalable, user friendly solution to overcome the hurdle obstructing many organizations from deploying a standards-based, secure messaging solution. SecureTier is a hands-off global, certificate management solution for key creation, discovery, and revocation. No other key distribution and discovery system is as effortless and efficient as GlobalCerts’ solution.

The attack has been carried out by anonymous hackers and was uploaded to peoplesliberationfront paste site. The leaked data contains database information as well as usernames, emails, passwords , company information, personal information and more. Sadly alot of the passwords appear to be stored in cleartext which is a worry for a company who claims to secure personal information for its clients.

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