Government sites hacked for Project Mayhem

diabloanon A hacker using the handle @DiabloAnon has leaked data in the name of Project Mayhem from government websites. The leak was posted to pastebin and is only a very small portion of the complete database the hackers have access to. The leaked data contains administration accounts, database information such as tables, rows. All administration accounts appear to have encryption. The leak file also contains a link to a full list of organizations that have been breached in this attack, some of them are the Academy Of Scientific Research And Technology, Hydro Power Plant Executive Authority and Ministry Of Transportation.

Greetings to the nuclear-crazed, batshit insane state of Iran. I have mined your databases and concluded that you should have spent more time researching website security instead of uranium enrichment 🙂

Country’s that have been effected range from Egypt to iran. Attacks like this have been going all year and at the start of the year a lot were saying this would be year of the hacktivist, which is has very much turned out to be.

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