Governments waste of funding on cyber Security

note: my view 🙂 Over the past few years we have seen a huge increase in the attacks on governments from other governments, hacktivist and every day pc users. From this the American government and many others are becoming scared of what could happen and are wasting stupid amounts of time, fundings and resources on monitoring this current situation. We recently came across an article about the Naval academy plans to expend to cyber security, the huge question here is why? why do the boats that float around need cyber experts? can we have pen pushers sitting on officers doing this? isn’t that what the Internet is about, a big network that we can use to communicate? It would seem that they are scared to place a central command somewhere and would rather spread this all over the world and waste huge amounts of time, fundings and most importantly tax payers money. Now I’m not American, so this isn’t coming from that aspect its coming from an outside view of what they are doing to themselves and how the world is looking at it. Even most of the citizens are wondering what the hell is going on with all this mis-funding and time wasting. Read the plans for the naval academy.

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