Govt served Twitter with a FISA order to deploy NIT against us – TheDarkOverlord

TheDarkOverlord is back on Twitter with a new account, and their first tweets give a hint as to why their @tdo_hackers account had been suspended.  In two tweets posted overnight to @tdo_hack3rs, TDO writes:

Perhaps Twitter is most concerned with suspending us when we’ve not made any clear violations because 1/2

the FISA order we’re planning to release is one that the USA gov served to Twitter in an attempt to deploy a NIT against us. 2/2

This is not the first time TDO has mentioned a FISA order – or a NIT  (network investigative technique) deployed against them. In November, 2017, reported TDO’s claims, but at the time, they did not provide any details or specifics:

At this time, we’re only at liberty to disclose that in at least one case of a NIT usage, a widely used internet service, used by millions, was a witting accomplice in the NIT’s usage. We can confirm that this widely used internet service is under a legal order. We’ve solicited the assistance of a globally recognised and highly reputable cyber-security firm to further unravel the NITs. We believe these NITs are highly disruptive, and far too dangerous to be in the wild.

If they are now naming Twitter as that service and do release the FISA order, that would be something.

So far, they have not publicly revealed any details of the NIT, but perhaps they will.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the claims.  This post will be updated if a response is received.

Update of December 7:  It appears Twitter has suspended TDO’s new account, too, which is why the embedded tweets no longer show up in this article, although the text was quoted. 

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