Green Card assessment scam site destroyed by @s3rverexe

A well known scam site has been taken offline by @s3rverexe. The site being offline is not due to a simple ddos attack but more so the system has been wiped, destroyed so nothing is actually there anymore to load. The release has been posted on pastebin and contains information from the attack and about the server  as well. It also contains a database dump network scan report. content/images/gallery/random3/www-usafis-org-pastebin-com_.png The site has a really bad reputation over the Internet and a simple google search tells u you its a confirmed scam site. At time of publishing this attack had just taken place and the site was showing the following when attempting to load it. content/images/gallery/random3/www-usafis-org-pastebin-com_.png At the bottom of the paste on pastebin is a link to the complete database dump which contains usernames, passwords and other personal information. Lets hope this scam site doesn’t have a backup and wont see the another active day again.

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