Greenbay employees have bank accounts raided after unpatched server hacked

Fox11 reports a hacking incident in GreenBay, but won’t name the company:

Police are investigating after a local business’s computer network was hacked and money and information were stolen.

Police did not identify the business.

Officers say the hackers used a known vulnerability to get into the company’s computer system. The hackers stole personal information from human resources files, then used that to steal what police call “significant amounts” of money from several people.

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WBAY provides more detail about what happened to the “large local” business that has its own IT team. According to WBAY,  employees were robbed of potentially several hundred thousand dollars after attackers were able to acquire bank routing numbers.

WBAY did not report the type of software involved, but noted that it was a public-facing server and a patch had been available since October, 2017.

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