GROUP-XP Warns of more Israel Information Leaks

This week we seen thousands of Israeli’s attacked via cyberspace in the form of data breaches and credit card and personal detail leaking and now In what’s become so far one of the biggest hacks of information in some time, has made major headlines and really got a lot of blood boiling has now released another statement that warns of more attacks to come over the coming weeks The messages which was put as a link on to the one of the last dump paste on by GROUP-XP. The message from GROUP-XP.

Response to some comments: a) It’s not only One, we used One to reach our message to people, we havecked larger networks to gather those information, it’s not single source b) That isn’t a single file, see 40,000 file with fresh cards, look at 27000, etc. c) It’s first part of our release of files, wait for the next in couple weeks

Take note of c **"It’s first part of our release of files, wait for the next in couple weeks", **now if anything what’s to come is going to get even more people angry due to the movtives and statements that have been made in these first leaks.

What’s fun for us? – Watching 400,000 people gathered in front of Israeli credit card companies and banks, complaining about cards and that they are stolen – Watching Israeli banks shredding 400,000 credit cards and re-generate new cards (so costly, huh?) – Watching people purchasing stuff for theirself using the cards and making Israeli credit cards untrustable in the world, like Nigerian credit cards – and much more…

Now, we have and confirm 100% the data that was claimed to be leaked was indeed leaked and due to the nature of the data we will not be publishing any links to it at all.

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