Growing Number of Contra Costa Community College District Email Accounts Compromised By Phishing Attack

Takeshi Kawata reports:

Over the past month, Contra Costa Community College District (4CD) students and faculty have been inundated with phishing emails from compromised student and employee accounts, according to the district.

The vast majority of phishing emails contain links to forms that request individuals’ personal information.

The recent outbreak of scam emails is the latest in a series of community college security breaches that have taken place since last year. A 2021 EdSource survey of California community colleges found that “hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost to scammers who fraudulently applied for financial aid,” and the actual figure could be even higher.

Tim Leong, 4CD’s director of communications, said in an email to The Inquirer that the district is working with Microsoft to disable compromised accounts.

Read more at The Inquirer (the student paper of Diario Valley College)

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