Guam Memorial Hospital under review for potential HIPAA breach

Matsuki Hirayama reports:

The unauthorized access into Guam Memorial Hospital’s network is undergoing a detailed review for a possible Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA breach.

The information came to light during the public hospital’s monthly board meeting Wednesday.

GMH legal counsel Jeremiah Luther maintains that no patient or employee records were compromised, saying they got lucky.

Read more at KUAM News.

How many times have we heard entities claim that they got lucky and no patient, student, or employee data was accessed or acquired, only to discover later — as Los Angeles Unified School District and Wilkes-Barre Technical Center recently learned — that yes, personal and sensitive information had been compromised?

And to complete the transition, GMH’s legal counsel stopped calling it a “breach.”  In their more detailed coverage, The Guam Daily Post reports:

Then after the technical rundown, legal counsel Jeremiah Luther continued to call the incident an “unauthorized access” rather than a breach.

“I’ve strayed away from the term breach because it’s not as accurate as the term that I’ve been using, which is unauthorized access, exploiting the network flaw that we’ve had. I’ve been using that terminology which is hyper-specific,” said Luther.

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