h4x0r HuSsY vs INDISHELL hacker for on going cyber war

A hacker who is apart of the Pakistani group Voice Of black Hat Hackers (VOBHH) has contacted us with an attack that has been carried out against one of the INDISHELL members personal website which is https://devils-arena.com/ and claimed owner is Silent hacker, who which we have covered many past attacks on, The Site was defaced and archived instantly then the server was wiped which now leaves the live site showing a 404 not found for its index page. The attack was mirrored on the hack archive site Hack DB and contains the following message to INDISHELL Members.

Devils-Arena P0wn3d by h4x0r HuSsY Hello Silent Hacker (Indishell) & Welcome to ur SiTe 😛 =============================================================== I am sorrY BuT U GuYs had really Pissed me off by ur random Hacks on Paki Servers -_- U hacked "i.web.pk" & Said : Tum Pakis ki auqat nae he itni!! I restored it & now UR Devils-Arena Owned 😛 on the wish of D4rk-Lif3 (VOBHH) Yehi Auqat He Meri Mess with the Best! Die like the Rest! & Yeah!!!! There is a good news 4 u! Nothing harmed! JusT Index changed! 🙂 =============================================================== We r Voice Of black Hat Hackers |VOBHH| Pakistan Zindabad A Patriotic Paki n00b was here!! ./Logging OuT =============================================================== Greetz : Shadow008 . 1337 . h4x0rl1f3 . KhantastiC . Hitcher . XisUnknown (BGHH) . D4rk-Lif3 . Tha Rude . Maher Bro & All Pakistani Hackers

As you can see the attack has been carried out due to the on gong attacks that we see arise almost every day from both sides and even other third parties. https://devils-arena.com/ https://www.hack-db.com/37274.html

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