Habbo Hotel Hacked And Data Leaked Two Times in One Day

Popula online role paying game habbo has been hacked and had a dump of raw sql dropped onto a file sharing website. It would appear that this is not the first leak from habbo in the past few hours with our team finding one much earlier that claims to be from the same website but is being claimed by a different handle then the most recent one. The firs leak was claimed by Orozco which contained the following message:

Hacker, "Orozco" managed to get into Habbo.com Brazil. He got access to a users’ database, and one of his friends, "M3GA" – has access to the helptool database on Habbo.com. Orozco said, "I’ve had access to all of this for over a year now.", and when asked what he’s going to do, he said, "I don’t want recognition. I don’t want me, or my accomplice’s to be media scapegoat’s in this alleged case, I just want Habbo staff to be aware. When asked if he plans on leaking it, he said, "I plan on leaking short portions of the users’ database. It WILL get out soon though, I can guarantee you that. "I’m not one to get in the way of another man’s business, I’m all for making money, always have been, actually. But, I personally think it’s a nail on the coffin if you leave customer data completely unexposed." Hacker said "I’m going to release a short, but sweet list of accounts. Note: some have been cleared from the db since the breach, also, most of these won’t work on Habbo.com.br because they did a force password change awhile ago. If it doesn’t work, try to login via email:) Orozco said, "This is just the beginning. Don’t look at us as some alleged-criminals, we’re charmers. We’re doing what has to be done. Think of it this way, if it doesn’t happen now, it will happen later. Stick to that. If you want to be good at this, you simply CAN’T have any invisible means of support. Best of luck to all the Webmasters working around the clock to ensure users’ safety. I appreciate it" We have never seen him around before, what’s next?

The most recent leak is a 2mb+ SQL file of tables and data. the data it self does not seem to important as it only contains a few logging tables and settings configurations for user accounts. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=1912

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