Hack attack: Pizza Hut loses customer information

Ben Grubb reports:

Pizza Hut says hackers gained access to the personal information of its customers via its website.

Users of the Whirlpool broadband forum and social news website Reddit first noticed the pizza maker’s website had been defaced on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday evening Pizza Hut general manager Graeme Houston issued a statement to technology websites ZDNet and Gizmodo confirming details had been stolen too.

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According to a report by Spandas Lui on ZDNet (AU), the firm denies credit card info was acquired:

“Pizza Hut can confirm that a layer of its website, pizzahut.com.au, was breached with access gained to names and contact information, including email addresses,” he said.

The fast food chain has, however, refuted the stolen credit card detail claims since, according to a company spokesperson, Pizza Hut doesn’t hold any credit card information from customers.

“That one’s a furphy,” a Pizza Hut spokes person told ZDNet. “[Credit card information] goes through a third-party payment gateway.”

What Pizza Hut does collect on its website is information through its online membership application process. This includes name, contact details, home address, and what kind of pizza has been marked as favourites by individual customers.

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