Hack breaches Taipei government computers

Abraham Gerber reports that the hacking of computers in the Taipei Mayor’s office may be more extensive that originally noted on this site a few weeks ago when only one computer had reportedly been compromised by malware:

A large amount of information was leaked in a hacking breach of city computers, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said yesterday.

The mayor said that a city investigation into a breach of city secretariat computers last week had revealed a “troublesome” leak of substantial information.


[…]In response to criticism from Taipei city councilors that the city government’s extensive use of Line groups creates security risks, Lee said there was an implicit tradeoff between perfect security and administrative efficiency.

Because Ko was already used to using the Line software and has already introduced it extensively within the city government, it would be costly and time-consuming for the city government to switch to using messaging software designed and hosted domestically, he said.

He added that the department was moving to impose clearer standards for Line usage.


 Read more on Taipei Times.

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