‘Hack for Trump’ group demands $30k from Bahamian Bank

Neil Hartnell reports:

Hackers are trying to extort $30,000 from the Bahamas-based Fidelity Group of Companies, which yesterday moved to reassure clients there had been no widespread leak of personal financial data.

Anwer Sunderji, Fidelity’s chairman, confirmed to Tribune Business that a group called ‘Hack for Trump’ had contacted it and demanded a ransom payment for not publicly releasing the hacked data via the Internet.

He emphasised that the group, which claims it will use the payment to finance Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign, had admitted itself that it had been unable to access the sensitive personal financial data that Fidelity held on its customers.

Mr Sunderji told Tribune Business that the group appeared to have hacked an external server that hosts Fidelity’s public website, adding that it holds “minimal information”.

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