Hack of Chilean national police exposes more than 10,000 files, including intelligence

I’m going to have to use a Google translation for this one as my Spanish is rusty, but Nicolás Sepúlveda reports on ciperchile.cl about repeated hacks of the Carabineros de Chile, the Chilean national police. The hacks are part of the ongoing political unrest and activism in the country.

Sepúlveda reports that CIPER has reviewed a number of documents that contained sensitive information, such as the weapons that some units have, “targets of interest” for police intelligence and data on the guard of authorities.

The documents CIPER reviewed were from the third attack by the hackers. From Google translation:

The first leak took place on Friday, October 25, when the attackers made their action public, by uploading a database with the names, RUT, sex, area and police stations, of all the Carabineros de Chile officials. That base was accompanied by passwords to enter the electronic documentation platform of the institution (DOE), which since that day is also down.

Because the hacker(s) have been able to successfully attack the government’s databases, they have also been able to acquire information on the government’s responses and planned responses to protests. CIPER reports (translated):

An important part of the documents exposed in the third leak are decrypted text files, which show some of the internal movements of Carabineros in the middle of the social revolt that began on Friday, October 18. One of the most relevant is the one that orders the protection of residences of high authorities. The coordinates of these properties have been available to anyone. Also the mobile number of a commander in charge of the tasks of safeguarding those authorities.

Read more on CIPER.

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