Hack of Red Boat Advisor Resources server containing brokerage account applications

Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation reports that the virtual server of one of their independently-owned financial planning offices, Red Boat Advisor Resources, was accessed some time between January and early April of this year.

In their letter dated August 30 to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, LFS’s attorneys write that the server held TIFF images of customer applications for brokerage accounts, life insurance and annuities, and other documents related to the business of LFS broker-dealer representatives.  There were 4,657 individuals’ files that could have been accessed that contained names, postal and e-mail addresses, Social Security numbers, government-issued identification numbers, and financial account information.

Although the data may have been accessed, forensic investigators hired by LFS report that there is no evidence that the data were acquired, and LFS believes that the purpose of the intrusion was to use Red Boat’s server as a “jumping off point” for intrusion into third-party systems.

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