hackcommunity.com website destroyed by @s3rverexe

In what was a personal attack @s3rverexe has taken down a hacking forum know as hackcommunity,com. The attack which happened at the start of may really comes down to the skills of the forums host, hostgator and s3rverexe getting angry at stuff that was being said about his attacks on the forum. @s3rverexe claims to of used social engineering via hostgators online webchat help system, which allows you to directly speak with them about issues https://chatlite.hostgator.com/. As as result they obtained access and wiped the system clean leaving the site showing the below result. At time of publishing the site was still offline. https://pastebin.com/biK5tjc4

About the author: Lee J

Security Analyst, Developer, OSINT, https://www.ctrlbox.com

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