Hacker attack blocks Eurolls; accessed via remote worker’s PC

With apologies to reporter Alessia Valentini, because this is not a great translation: 

The Eurolls company was the victim of a hacker attack which, by exploiting the smart working condition of one of the employees , caused the operating system to be blocked and access to company data .

The production plants were not stopped but the correspondence and the billing system, while the resumption of full operations for the 149 employees in Friuli took about a month.

The confirmation of the news and the accurate description of the facts were provided by Renato Railz, president and founder of Eurolls, an industry with headquarters in Attimis and production plants in Carnia, Milan, Mexico and Brazil.

The firm’s president and founder said that there was no ransom demand at all, which was somewhat surprising.

You can read more about the incident on Cybersecurity360.it.

Great thanks to @Chum1ng0, who manages to find these incidents for all of us. 

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