Hacker Blackmails Pirate IPTV Services, Threatens To Send User Data To Police

Andy Maxwell reports:

During the past two days, a pair of UK-based IPTV suppliers – SapphireSecure.net and KS-Hosting.com – became victims in what appears to be a series of hacks carried out by the same individual [responsible for a series of hacks targeting pirate IPTV providers over the past couple of years]. Apparently connected by ownership, the platforms went down and began displaying similar messages on their homepages indicating that they had been seriously compromised.


Strangely, the hacker also gives the owner of both SapphireSecure.net and KS-Hosting.com a way out without having to pay a ransom. The demand is for the services to completely shut down, with no chance of a resurrection, while refunding money back to subscribers to compensate them for their lack of service, “as this is not their fault.”

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