Hacker claims breach of 50,000 accounts from Wall Street IT recruiting firm

Jaikumar Vijayan reports:

A hacker today claimed to have broken into ITWallStreet.com, a website for IT professionals seeking jobs or working with Wall Street firms, and exposed highly detailed data belonging to tens of thousands of job applicants.

As many as 12 data files containing detailed information on job applicants were publicly posted today after apparently being accessed from an ITWallStreet database by a hacker belonging to a group called TeamGhostShell.

A Computerworld inspection of the published data showed the first and last names, mailing addresses, email addresses, usernames, hashed passwords and phone numbers of what appear to be thousands of people who have applied for IT jobs with Wall Street firms. Many of the thousands of hashed passwords appear to have already been decrypted into their clear text form.

Read more on Computerworld. As of the time of his article, Andiamo Partners, the firm that operates the web site, had neither confirmed nor denied the breach. At the time of this blog post, there is no notice or alert on their web site, either.

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