Hacker Fail Root Arrested and Computers Seized

A hacker who use’s the handle @FailRooT has said to of been arrested and had computers seized as part of a investigation into the hacking by the team they ran called @MetalSoftTeam. Metal Soft Team has been around for some time now and have made a name for themselves as defacers, hacking sites and leaving them with new pages or modifications to current pages. The news website https://www.soychile.cl which is based in Spanish language explains that Fail Root was just 15years old and has been hacking since they was 8. The PDI (Chile police department) has stated they Fail Root has been released while the investigations continue in to the hackers group Metal soft Team. The article also explains that the starting point for this investigation was a hospital that was attacked, they have not stated which hospital this is. Source: https://www.soychile.cl translated version:

Hospital with a complaint of Chillán as a starting point, the staff of the Police Cybercrime Research concluded that a hacker nicknamed Fail-Root, who was only 15 years was responsible for adulterating the page and about 1200 other more both private enterprise and government, among which are the the Sernam and Sename. "For this reason it was up to the street address of Sepúlveda Bustos, near the municipal cemetery and stopped this young man, whom he also seized his computer equipment, "explained in the PDI. While not made ​​larger damages, "except upload pornographic images or simply making a digital graffiti, ie write your name on the page, the intention of most of these hackers is upload your ego and self-esteem by showing that they are able to violate the security codes of these sites and thus earn a name among other hackers, "said Commissioner Andrew Guillón. While the young man was released, the PDI is now following the track of who would be members of a community of hackers that it would fail-Root created and named Soft Metal Team. Fail Root said to have great notions of computing from the eight years of age.

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