Hacker group Anonymous begins releasing personal information on Donald Trump

Matt Levin reports:

Hacker group Anonymous declared war on Donald Trump this week. On Thursday, they started releasing personal information on the Republican front-runner for president.

The group allegedly has posted Trump’s Social Security number and his phone number on the site Pastebin. The cyber-attack also claims to have published the phone numbers his agent and attorney. They also published the full names of his family members, although most of those names have already been made public.

Anonymous is calling the hacking tactic #OpWhiteRose in a reference to a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany.

Read more on Houston Chronicle. The paste was also accompanied by a You Tube video:

Update: As I suspected, but had no time to verify last night, the details dumped are not new. They’d been leaked before.

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  1. Billy Rubin - March 18, 2016

    Regardless of one’s political persuasion (and I am not a Trumper), I would hope the Feds deal with this as they would if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama were the target.

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