Hacker Group “Lizard Squad” Claim Responsibility for Attack on Labour Party

CISOMag reports:

An infamous hacking group “Lizard Squad” claimed responsibility for the recent cyber-attack on the Labour Party. The hackers also warned that they are planning to launch a slew of such attacks, the Independent reported.

Lizard Squad stated that it has used a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) tool to take down the party’s digital platforms.

Read more on CISOMag. The claim was originally reported by The Independent, who also reported:

In private messages to The Independent, a member of the group said that more attacks were planned.

“If Labour do win the election, you can expect the whole of the government and Labour websites to go offline,” said the member, who shared screenshots appearing to show a botnet tool used to carry out the DDoS attacks.

Read more on The Independent.

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