Hacker ‘Kayla’ admits attacks on Sony, Nintendo, Arizona State Police

Estelle Shirbon of Reuters reports:

A British computer hacker pleaded guilty on Tuesday to cyber attacks on targets including Sony, Nintendo, Rupert Murdoch’s News International and the Arizona State Police.

Ryan Ackroyd’s plea meant his planned jury trial did not go ahead and, as a result, the court did not hear any evidence on the motivation behind the attacks he made using the persona of a 16-year-old girl named Kayla as part of hacking group LulzSec.


Mustafa Al-Bassam, 18, and Jake Davis, 20, had both pleaded guilty to two counts while Ryan Cleary, 21, had pleaded guilty to six counts including that he attacked Pentagon computers operated by the U.S. Air Force.


The targets listed in the charge to which Ackroyd pleaded guilty also included Britain’s National Health Service, the U.S. public broadcaster PBS and 20th Century Fox.

Read more on NBCNews.

So how much time will Ackroyd get in exchange for his plea?

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