Hacker suspected of stealing scores of court documents claims no hacking required to access files

Eli Senyor and Maor Buchnik report:

The police have arrested Moshe Halevi, 40, from Acre, for allegedly hacking into one of the Israeli courts’ databases and accessing thousands of case files, some of which contain classified information.

Two additional suspects were arrested as well. One of the suspects, Attorney Boaz Guttman, is a former high-ranking police officer with the National Fraud Unit.

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But was it really hacking or just sloppy security on the court’s web site? The reporters note:

Halevi, who was in trouble with the law in the past over similar offences, denied being involved in any illegal hacking and was quick to blame the courts’ website administrator:

“I didn’t hack any database. All I did was go on the website. I accessed the files with my ID number – I didn’t uses anything.

“Documents from the Anat Kam and the Holyland cases were open and the court records had the full name of the State witness,” he said.

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