Hacker Twin Muneeb Akhter Slams Suggested 6-Year Prison Term

Jenna Ebersole reports:

One of twin brothers who pled guilty in a government and commercial hacking case has slammed prosecutors’ request for a six-year sentence, telling a Virginia federal court that the recommendation contradicts the plea agreement and his acceptance of responsibility.

The government’s sentence recommendations are “unprecedented,” Muneeb Akhter, a computer prodigy who graduated from George Mason University at 19, said in a response brief Monday.

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I’ve previously covered this case (here, here). After a plea agreement was reached, the government dismissed Counts 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 11 of the indictment. Read the statement of facts to get a fuller sense of the extent of the criminal activities. I don’t know if Akhter will prevail in his opposition to the U.S. sentencing recommendations, but frankly, 6 years seems somewhat light to me when you read everything that went on.

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