Hackers access American Barcode and RFID’s customer info

American Barcode and RFID, Inc. have notified the New Hampshire Attorney General that a customer web site at Scansmart.com was hacked.

In its August 14 letter to customers who purchased products from their Scansmart.com division, the company wrote that during the last week of July, they had discovered that computer hackers had illegally accessed the Scansmart.com database and had access to the customers’ (i) user name and password to access the www.scansmart.com website; (ii) names, company names, email addresses, and phone numbers; (iii) delivery and billing addresses; (iv) credit card information; as well as (v) product purchase history.

The company did not indicate when the intrusion occurred or for how long the hacker or hackers had access.

Although American Barcode advised customers to cancel their credit cards and to be vigilant, they do not seem to have offered them any free monitoring services.

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