Hackers Altered 2016 Voter Rolls and Stole Private Data on U.S. Citizens

Jacob Weindling reports:

TIME dropped a bombshell report today that should be getting more attention than it currently is. Here is the tl;dr version of a story that you should read in its entirety.

The hacking of state and local election databases in 2016 was more extensive than previously reported, including at least one successful attempt to alter voter information, and the theft of thousands of voter records that contain private information like partial Social Security numbers, current and former officials tell TIME.

This new report states that officials have not confirmed these intrusions were made by Russian hackers, but in light of the leaked NSA document which concludes that the government knew Russian military intelligence had conducted an attack on our voter rolls, it’s difficult to see this latest report as unrelated.

Read more on Paste Magazine.

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  1. ECA - June 22, 2017

    Finger pointing, and no proof..
    Idiots set up a server with Full access to the net, is like “HOw long can a 12 year old sit outside your door, and PICK your lock” the longer the better..he will eventually get it..

    Anyone know the best Protection for a server?? A SYSOP..ADMIN..Someone to monitor WHO is doing what on the server…

    • Trent - June 23, 2017

      Network security and systems administration is what I do for a living. Based upon your response, it seems you clearly have a very poor understanding of how information systems like the one in question are set up and how they are managed by humans. You also don’t seem to understand how those Russian hackers were able to infiltrate and traverse those systems. Why don’t you read the NSA report and the story in The Intercept before you start calling others out on their idiocy?

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