Hackers are selling access to law firm secrets on dark web sites

Jennifer Schlesinger and Andrea Day report:

It would be hard to walk into to a major business and walk away with all its sensitive information. But sometimes that’s not the case when it comes to online networks.

Q6 Cyber, a cybersecurity firm that specializes in monitoring the dark web, showed CNBC a forum post in Russian where the cybercriminal was offering access to a New York City law firm’s network and files, and was willing to send screenshots as evidence he had broken in.

The price for the access was $3,500.

Read more on CNBC.

Law firm hacks and leaks are pretty much a dime a dozen these days.  As one of my regular sources notes, another day, another law firm leak.  To what extent are hackers trying to extort the law firms or just putting access up for sale?  I wouldn’t be surprised if law firms were quietly paying extortion after they get hacked, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of compromised law firms don’t even know that they are leaking data unless they are fortunate enough to be notified by some whitehat or independent researcher.  So depending on what kind of law they practice and what’s in their files, they may be exposing some really sensitive IP or financial information, etc.


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