Hackers attack TRF-1, get data and celebrate on networks

R7 reports:

A hacker attack hit this Friday (27) the systems of TRF-1 (Regional Court of the First Region). The attackers say they have gained access to files in more than 40 court databases.

The attack was celebrated on the networks by the attackers, who claimed to have captured the data and thus managed to show the “vulnerability” of the TRF-1 system. The court, which covers cases from 13 states and the Federal District, is the one that hosts more cases in the country.

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In an update yesterday, R7 added:

TRF1 (Regional Court of the First Region) released access to some computerized systems on Monday (30).

Following the gradual release of the systems, the Federal Justice Portal, the First and Second Degree PJe System, the SEI Electronic Administrative Processes System, the Procedural Consultation and the Judicial Payment Requests System used by the Courts of Justice in regarding delegated competence, in addition to other internal use systems.

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