Hackers Breach System At UMass

Lesley Tanner of CBS reports:

Hackers breached the computer system used by UMass Amherst’s Health Services, potentially gaining access to thousands of medical records.

More than half of the student population at UMass Amherst are patients on record at the University Health Services.


Though many of the most personal medical records are kept on paper files, officials say some personal information is available on the 150 computers used by the department.

“What we’re doing is going through as quickly as we can,” says UMass Spokesperson Ed Blaguszewski. “And we are making an assessment and can’t say for sure that the material wasn’t breached.”


Campus officials say it will be weeks before they are completely sure what information, if any, was taken off the computers. They say the entire campus system is being looked at to avoid future breaches.

Full story – CBS

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