Hackers break into Lufthansa customer database

Looks like I prepared this but forgot to post it last week. Let’s get caught up:

DW reports that Lufthansa airline has experienced a hack involving its frequent flyer or rewards program. But unlike other airlines that reported similar breaches, in this case, other databases were also seemingly involved and the hackers were able to obtain vouchers and coupons using the frequent flyer miles they obtained:

The attackers managed to gain access to individual passenger accounts on company’s website LH.com, German flag carrier Lufthansa confirmed Friday.

The airline has taken prompt countermeasures, but it “had not been able to prevent illicit access to some customer files,” according to company’s representatives.

“We had to lock several hundred customer pages,” a Lufthansa spokesman told DPA news agency after widely-read German magazine Der Spiegel broke the story.


The hackers used a so-called bot net, where thousands or even millions of computers simultaneously generate random names and passwords until the right combinations are found, according to an article published in Der Spiegel on Friday.

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