Hackers claim to have hacked NASA, hijacked one of its drones (UPDATED)

Update:  See NASA Denies Hackers Hijacked Its Drone.

Help Net Security writes:

AnonSec hackers claim that they have breached a number of US NASA’s systems, and they have published a data trove containing video recordings made by the agency’s aircrafts and drones, the drone’s flight logs, and the names, email addresses and telephone numbers of some 2,400 agency employees.

They apparently attempted to interest The Guardian and WikiLeaks into analyzing the stolen info and publishing the results, but after having received no answer, they decided to do it themselves by torrenting the dump.

The leak was accompanied by an extensive document describing the things they had to do to compromise NASA’s systems (attacks and exploits) and the extent of the compromise.

Read more on Help Net Security.

And if their attempt to get your attention still isn’t working, consider this statement in their documentation:

We had semi-partial control of a NASA drone during one flight

As of this morning, the paste/document is still available online, where it’s been since January 26. I don’t know if NASA has responded to the claims, but I can find no statement by them. The sheer amount of documentation will require time to just read through, much less understand and verify.

Of note, the hackers note their purpose was to try to uncover information on chemtrailing and cloudseeding:

One of the main purposes of the Operation was to bring awareness to the reality of Chemtrails/CloudSeeding/Geoengineering/WeatherModification, whatever you want to call it, they all represent the same thing. NASA even has several missions dedicated to studying Aerosols and their affects on the environment and weather, so we targeted their systems.

So… will Congress hold a hearing on NASA’s security?

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