Hackers Compromise U Of Arkansas Computer Store Records (updated to include affected U. Maine and U. Rochester)

Hackers broke into a Maine-based computer server and exposed credit card records of more than 1,000 customers at the University of Arkansas Computer Store, school officials said Thursday.

The school discovered Tuesday the breach could affect as many as 1,007 computer store customers who made online transactions during the past four years. University officials continue to investigate and said they believe once their analysis is complete, the number of people affected will be smaller.

A review showed only seven customers’ complete credit card numbers were on the breached server, including one customer being a unit of the university. Officials said no security codes or other sensitive data were stored on the server for any customers.


Donald O. Pederson, vice chancellor for finance and administration, said the security breach affected a server maintained at the University of Maine, which for several years provided hardware and software support for online computer sales at several universities.

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So… what about other uni’s who used the U. of Maine server? Has anyone seen any other breach reports associated with this incident?

Update:  Ah, here we go… the breach also affected U. Maine. AP reports:

At UMaine, as many as 435 credit card numbers and 1,175 social security numbers were on the server. It’s unclear whether any of the data was compromised by the hackers.

The compromised server supported only online sales of campus computer stores. The system has no connection with any other UMaine computer systems containing student or university data.

Update 2: 2,000 users at U. of Rochester Computer Store were also affected.

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