Hackers Get Data on 10s of Thousands of Payment Cards

Helsinki police are investigating a computer system intrusion that gave hackers access to information about tens of thousands of different types of credit and bank cards. So far, the information for only a few cards has been exploited by the criminals.

Altogether, the hackers accessed the numbers of over 100,000 payment cards from the poorly secured system of a Helsinki business. Of those, about 10,000 also included all card data. Since the system break-in the business has replaced its system.

Police have declined to identify the business or what sector it operates in.

Hackers accessed the old system on several different occasions in January.


“The data accessed is about all types of cards. The cards themselves were not compromised, but information about transactions in which the cards were used came into the hands of the hackers because of deficiencies in the storage system,” explains Henry Kylänlahti of the card payment company Luottokunta.

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