hackers hit new low, National Cancer Institute attacked by hackers

nih_logoToday hackers have hit a new low with an attack on cancer.gov a website which gives information and links to services related to fighting and dealing with cancer related issues. The attack is on www.cancer.gov which is the National Cancer Institute. The attack was announced from twitter by @LulzSeceurope > OMG #LULZ https://Cancer.gov  Databasehttps://pastebin.com/34r29f6c  @AnonOpsSweden@TruthIzSexy @anon_central@Cyber_War_News @HackRead

@LulzSeceurope also left a very short message in the leaked data.


The attack has not really seen any critical data leaked but does show that hackers need to re-think targets as attacks like this are completely pointless and have no effect at all besides making a whole bunch of people angry, and i’m one of them angry people. Cancer.org is control by the NIH – national Institute of health and the website at time of publishing was still accessible and appears to be uneffected by this attack. https://pastebin.com/34r29f6c

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