Hackers hold German hospital data hostage

DW reports that the ransomware problem we’ve seen here and in Australia has also hit German hospitals:

It probably came down to a swift response that averted major damage in the Lukas Hospital in Germany’s western city of Neuss. One morning, hospital staff noticed the system wasn’t running smoothly anymore. There were error messages popping up, and the system was suspiciously slow.

“We then pulled the plug on everything,” spokesperson Dr. Andreas Kremer told DW. “Computers, servers, even the email server, and we went offline.


Just two days after the Lukas Hospital was hacked, another hospital in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia was attacked by a virus. It’s not clear whether it’s the same malware.

“According to present knowledge, it was an attachment in an email that allowed the virus to enter the system,” Klinikum Arnsberg spokesperson Richard Bornkeßel told DW.

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